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Hey, I'm India, and I love words.

I am a poet and creative living in Brighton, UK.

I believe that all writing is personal and tells a story, and it's my job to help you express your passions, explain your ideas, and create worlds.

Indy at Archie's

Love Letters to Myself August

"Love Letters to Myself" is a fun and fresh poetry workshop by India Grant which is all about introspection, activating creativity, and crafting something beautiful. This is a beginners welcome workshop designed to leave you feeling empowered to write yourself love letters whenever you need.

"Loved it so much, I wanted it to be 2 hours instead of 1!"

"Thank you for such a lovely evening of poetry, and for creating a safe space to write and share."

"Thank you! This was wonderful and so uplifting"

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Searching for Seaglass

"I lost myself whilst writing this book. I was all jagged, sharp edges, cutting and slicing, spilling blood upon the rocks. Such deep and unruly pain can do that to you; turn you keen, serrate you. I wish I could say joy and resolution eventually buff you smooth, but in actuality, the same pain that ruins you fixes you."

Searching for Seaglass is a poetry collection about the journey of learning to live with grief and loss. From birth to rebirth, the book explores the varying emotions that come with challenging times, and the relief we feel when we find people to rest with. Featuring photos taken by the author and her partner, Benjamin.

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Searching for Seaglass book cover

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